Georg Heym Society

Georg Heym Society (Georg Heym Gesellschaft) was founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 2013. It brings together translators making German-language poetry of the twentieth century available for Russian readers. The objectives of the society are divided into two areas: research and translation of the Georg Heym's heritage and research of the German twentieth century in the reflection of contemporary poets.

The selection of materials for the library is based on recommendations of society experts, as well as authoritative translators.

The society is governed by the principles of full disclosure and transparency. We respect copyright, so all the materials posted in the library community must have clear legal status: they are either public domain or protected by law. Poets and translators or their heirs who believe that the placement of their work on our website is wrongful can inform us. All such works will be immediately removed from the web site.

Society is a partner of the largest Russian-language anthology The Age Of Translation ( Republication of its materials is made with the kind permission of the originator Eugene Witkowski.

At a reprint of library materials it is highly recommended to refer to the source with a direct hyperlink. And of course, it is useful to recall that the translators have done a great job so that you can enjoy the masterpieces of foreign lyrics. Please specify their names when publishing — the little that you can do in appreciation for their work.

Materials are currently available only in Russian.  


Anton Chorny, Project Administrator

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